Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Bunyans Mead is a sheltered complex for elderly residents in Elstow village. There was no dropped kerb at the entrance to Bunyans Mead, creating mobility problems for wheelchair users. Earlier this year it seemed that residents would have a long wait for a dropped pavement due to other highways priorities.

However I met County officers to find a solution and we found some DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) money which could be used. The pavements on both sides of the road have now been dropped, making life much easier for wheelchair users and young parents with babies in pushchairs. Recently I met a father out walking with his baby in the High Street. He is very pleased with the new dropped pavement and is shown in the photo above.

Re my Indian Wedding, I had a nice comment from James Lucas:

"Lynne great to see you were at an Indian wedding the other day. Bedford is a great place to live because of its diversity of different nationalities and races, which gives us the opportunities to attend the kind of event you described.

It's good to see a prominent politician who is so proud of our local diversity in Bedford, but does not patronise your readers in the way some other bloggers do. At least you don't treat us as idiots!!"

Thank you for the compliment James. I must confess that the Indian wedding was in Broxbourne and my Indian friends live in Luton. However like you I am very proud to live in Bedford - the most culturally diverse town in England with residents of 60+ different nationalities. Many of my neighbours are Indian, Italian, Chinese, Polish, German etc. and I really enjoy Bedford's rich cultural heritage.

As the child of a naval family I lived in 3 continents, speak 3 languages and have visited or lived in 80 different countries. I still travel overseas regularly and so far in 2008 I have been to Poland,Greenland, Denmark, Malta, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Madeira, Croatia, France and Ireland - just after their NO referendum in June.

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