Tuesday, September 9, 2008



British cyclists have done it again and won 9 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. China has been toppled from its top spot in the Medal Table and Britain is in 1st place with 26 Medals including 12 gold and it is only Day 4!

Four British cyclists have won 2 gold medals - Aileen McGlynn and Eileen Hunter in the Women's Individual Pursuit and Women's 1km Time Trial, Darren Kenny in the Men's Individual Pursuit (CP3) and 1km Time Trial and Simon Richardson in the Men's Individual Pursuit (LC3) and 1km. Time Trial.

Look carefully at the photos above of one legged Jody Cundy who broke the World Record and won the Gold Medal in the Men's Cycling Track 1km Time Trial(LC2) in 1 minute 5 seconds, and of wheelchair bound Nigel Murray who won Silver Medal in the obscure sport of Boccia, a form of bowls.

The swimmers have also excelled with 10 medals, including 4 golds as reported by me yesterday, but the British Press have largely ignored these sporting successes. Can it be because they are not able bodied like the rest of us? If so this is the worst form of discrimination. I am just as proud of these young people as I was last month when Team GB won medal after medal and livened up a wet and gloomy August.

Let's celebrate British Paralympic successes not our tennis and football failures and encourage all our Paralympians to continue winning gold medals.


China has just regained 1st place but Britain is second, ahead of the USA, and has won another 4 gold medals, making a total of 16 gold and 33 medals in all in 4 days.

Sascha Kindred won a 2nd Gold Medal in Swimming in the Men's Individual Medley - SM6 The Swimmers have won 4 gold medals and the cyclists an amazing 9 gold so far.

The British Equestrians won 3 gold medals in one day. Anne Dunham, at 59 the oldest female Paralympic equestrian, won 2 Gold Medals - the Individual Championship Test Grade 1A and the Team Event with 3 others. Her team mate Lee Pearson won a 2nd Gold Medal in the Individual Championship - 1b and a 3rd team mate Sophie Christiansen aged 20, also won a silver medal in the Individual Championship - 1a.

Congratulations to all the British Paralympian Team for their successes so far.


Mits said...

As I saw that Britain got 4th position to winning the gold medals in Beijing Olympic, 2008. There is rise up a new power of Britain is sports.


Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

Hi Mits

Yes, and the Paralympic Team GB have gone one better and are top of the Medal Table, ahead of China.

Imagine how hard it much be to overcome a handicap and win an Olympic Gold Medal. 2012 here we come!