Tuesday, September 9, 2008



The Faulkner Journal has won two more awards in the Total Politics 2008-9 Guide to UK Political Blogs. I am 37th in the Top 100 Conservative Blogs, one place higher than David Cameron's Web Cameron. Also I was voted 7th in the Top 30 UK Councillor Blogs. These two listings are additional to two other UK Blogging Awards - Top 200 Political Blogs and Top 100 Right Wing Blogs.

Thank you again for your votes and for your much appreciated compliments on my new Blog. Most readers have enjoyed my Olympic Games posts, so I am now doing some on the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, where today Britain is leading the world!

Only one person struck a sour note, accusing me of cutting and pasting from the BBC website. This is ridiculous - I hardly never look the website and the BBC knows absolutely nothing about Elstow and Wilstead villages!

My thanks go to Dylan Carrol for defending my honour today:

"Morris Steinbeck must be a Labour stooge, either that or he can't tell the difference between the BBC website and the Faulkner Journal. The content is completely different!!!

I for one find Lynne's postings on the Olympic Games to be extremely informative, insightful, but with a human angle. Only Lynne told us the human story behind the medal. Something you could not get from the BBC website.

Lynne, don't let people like Morris put you down, as I for one continue to enjoy reading your Olympic blogs, including the latest one on the Paralympics. Thanks for your time and congratulations on your blog award (I was one of your votes)

Finally a point on Press coverage of the Paralympics. On Monday the Times published a large front page picture of Andy Murray who reached the US Open Tennis Finals - predictably he lost to Roger Federer but today the Times had 4 pages on Murray.

Where was the large photograph of 13 year old Eleanor Simmonds' historic Olympic success in becoming the youngest British Paralympic Gold Medallist? What about Dave Roberts' success in achieving a Gold Medal for swimming in 3 consecutive Paralympics and a total of 8 gold medals? The coverage was derisory - a small single column on Page 77 with a thumb sized photo of Eleanor and none of Dave.

It is shameful that the British Press cannot give better coverage for our brave disabled Paralympians who have overcome huge hurdles to achieve sporting success. Like the British Cycling Team, we should celebrate our successes not our failures.


Morris Steinbeck said...

To Mary Kline - I have never been so insulted in all my life. I am not a Labour stooge, but a member of the United Kingdom Indepenance Party.

Thank you.

Morris Steinbeck

Lynne Faulkner: I insist you publish this comment to defend my reputation.

Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

The biter bit! Try reading my posts more carefully - there is no such person as Mary Kline.

Mary Klein made no comment about you, she simply supported my campaign to save Bedford's greenfields.