Saturday, August 9, 2008


China launched the 2008 Olympic Games with a spectacular Opening Ceremony in front of 80 world leaders and a worldwide audience of 8 billion. Number 8 has religious significance for the Chinese, so the Opening Ceremony began at 8.08pm on Friday 8 August 2008 with a £25 million extravaganza.

The British Olympic Team includes Paula Radcliffe, Bedford trained 2007 New York Marathon winner and 2005 World Champion. Other Bedfordshire sportswomen including Gail Emms, who won a silver medal in badminton at Athens in 2004 and Victoria Pendleton, 2007 World Champion cyclist. So far the British women swimmers and sailors are performing well and in their first heat the 200 metre men's relay swimmers broke the British record. Let's hope that the British team can beat the 30 medals they achieved at Athens in 2004.

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