Friday, August 8, 2008


Today I enjoyed a very interesting tour of London Luton Airport with 3 fellow Conservative County Councillors at the kind invitation of Simon Earles, General Manager, Planning and Corporate Social Responsibility, who lives in Bedford

Bedfordshire's largest single employer, London Luton Airport has 8,000 staff and in 2007 had 10 million passengers, including 2 million business travellers. Luton Borough Council owns this Airport unlike the other 3 London Airports which are all BAA owned and receive considerable Government support. However London Luton Airport is highly successful and hardly ever loses any passenger baggage!

London Luton Airport generates a large income for Luton Borough Council, subsidising Council Taxes in a culturally diverse community with very high levels of social deprivation. The Airport has just produced a 5 year Community Engagement Strategy and is strongly committed to supporting the Bedfordshire community, supporting 20 local community projects like the annual Luton Carnival and providing exhbition space for Bedfordshire artists.


Many thanks to Wayne Blyth who thinks I am sexy and wishes I was his Councillor instead of his Labour councillors in Barnsley. Unfortunately Wayne and my other readers across the world cannot vote for me in local elections.

However you can vote for my Blog as one of the Top Ten UK Political Blogs before 15 August and as Bedfordshire's Sexiest Politician before 21 August. What are you waiting for?

Tomorrow I am off to PROMS AT TOMS, a function organised by Tom and Mollie Foster at their Clapham home to raise funds for St. John's Hospice, Moggerhanger near Bedford.

Have a great weekend.

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