Sunday, August 10, 2008


Elstow Abbey Church held a lively family service today to celebrate our Holiday Club run by a willing team of volunteers led by Tracey Hinson and Margaret Baron. Up to 70 children attended daily and this year's theme was Batman and Gotham City, with leaders and children all dressed up as Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman or Rangers.

Elstow Abbey was founded in 1078 as a Benedictine Nunnery by Countess Judith, niece of William the Conqueror. King Henry VIII dissolved the nunnery in 1539 and it then became a Church. John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress was born in Elstow and baptised in Elstow Abbey in 1628 in the Font which is still used today for baptisms - our popular Vicar, Jeremy Crocker baptised four children this afternoon.

Like all historic buildings Elstow Abbey is expensive to maintain. In 1995 The Friends of Elstow Abbey were created to raise funds - so far £40,000 - to pay for church repairs. In May I was elected Chairman of the Trustees and we have just donated £2,000 towards organ repairs so the fundraising has to continue.

This Autumn we are holding Elstow Abbey's first Music Festival with 4 concerts starting on 1 November with the Flitwick Singers. On 1 December Hitchin Town Brass Band Ensemble will procvide a Christmas Concert. On 31 January there is an Organ Recital and on 28 February Luton Male Voice Choir - an interesting programme.

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