Thursday, July 23, 2009


Chloe Smith

Sorry for the long silence folks, but I have been nursing my ruptured Achilles Tendon at home for 3 weeks, and also I could not access my own Blog for 2 weeks for various technical reasons. I am something of a technophobe with computers!

Today is the Norwich North By Election which we Conservatives hope will be won by Chloe Smith, Norfolk born and bred, who has nursed the seat for the last 18 months. Unfortunately I could not help with her campaign, as I am barely able to walk, but my Luton friends have been up there, and this week there are armies of MPs helping the campaign. These have included Nadine Dorries my local MP who could not find the time to help me in May with my hard and unsuccessful 6 week lone election campaign in June, which left me with this serious leg injury.

The other photo above shows the Wallia Boot I have to wear all day for 8 weeks.
I am banned from driving for 8 weeks, and it may be longer, so I have to rely on taxis and lifts from kind friends as there is no bus on my 470 house estate.
Fortunately I have managed to get out of the house most days and rarely askt eh same person twice for a lift or help with shopping.

I plan to use the train to go to Bournemouth in September, and will be flying to Norway next week to visit some friends in Stavanger.

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