Friday, July 24, 2009


Chloe Smith, the new MP for Norwich North

Many congratulations to Chloe Smith, aged just 27, who has been elected the country's youngest MP in Norwich North in an historic by-election after the resignation of a Labour MP. Chloe's majority was an amazing 7,348 and she polled more than twice the votes of her Labour opponent in a formerly safe Labour seat.

The swing from Labour to Conservative was 16.5% on a turnout of 45%, and would translate into a majority of 100 for the Conservatives in a General Election. The tide is turning strongly away from Gordon Brown and his incompetent Labour Government towards the Conservatives.

Chloe is the youngest ever Conservative MP, winning only the 2nd successful by-election in 30 years against the Labour Party. She is one of a new breed of young Conservative MPs with strong business experience, energy and enthusiasm and a more honest, open and ethical attitude towards the role of a Westminster MP.

In her acceptance speech Chloe Smith paid tribute to the previous popular Labour MP Ian Gibson, who resigned after being subjected to a 'kangaroo court' by the Labour Party over his expenses. Chloe said that she hoped to serve the people of Norwich with the same "honesty and conviction" as Dr Gibson, and wished her Labour opponent who is suffering from swine flu a speedy recovery.

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