Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sealed Knot Crest

On Sunday 5 April the Sealed Knot Society are putting on a Living History Display on Elstow Green 11am - 4pm. The Society cele5brated their 40th Anniversary in 2008 and they stage Civil War enactments. John Bunyan joined Cromwell's Roundhead Army aged 16 in 1644 and fought the Cavaliers.

The Programme includes a 10am Service at Elstow Abbey, a Living History Camp starting at 11am and Sealed Knot Regimental Training Drill and Display at noon. In the afternoon there are Children's events and at 3pm a special key ceremony at Moot Hall.

Moot Hall is a medieval market house and meeting hall containing a Bunyan Museum and which was owned by Bedfordshire County Council until its demise on 31 March. As I was the County Councillor for Elstow & Wilstead and Vice Chairman of Bedfordshire County Council, I have been invited to hand over the key to Moot Hall formally to Bedford Borough Council on Sunday. My fellow Borough Councillor, Barry Huckle will receive the key.

Tea and cakes will be served in the Elstow Abbey church hall in the afternoon and there will also be a 17th Century barbecue outside the vicarage from noon onwards. .

Please bring your family to Elstow on Sunday for a great day out.

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