Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yesterday I attended my first Indian Hindu wedding. My friend and I arrived late but apparently Indian weddings often run late and it started after we arrived. The ceremony was very long and we were invited to go and eat while it was still going on - very different from an English wedding! The bride wore red and gold and all the Indian ladies were dressed in saris but most of the Indian men wore English suits. A truly fascinating experience.

My victory as 2008 Bedford Youth Champion was publicised on the Beds on Sunday website and Chiltern Radio and I received compliments from 2 former Bedford Youth Champions, Andrew McConnell and Peter Hand, both Conservative Councillors.
Thank you Andrew for your Blog article on Blogging for Bedford

Sadly my week was overshadowed by the death of my 93 year old aunt in Portsmouth so I have a funeral on Friday. Aunt Erina was in poor health for months but lived a long and interesting life, which we shall celebrate at Portsmouth Cathedral.


James Lucas said...

Lynne great to see you were at an Indian wedding the other day. Bedford is a great place to live, because of its diversity of different nationalities and races, which gives us the opportunities to attend the kind of event you described.

It's good to see a prominent politician who is so proud of our local diversity in Bedford, but does not patronise your readers in the way some other bloggers do. At least you don't treat us as idiots!!!

James Lucas, Putnoe, Bedford.

Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

Hi James

I must confess that the wedding was in Broxbourne and the Indian family live in Luton. However I am proud to live in the most multi cultural town in England. speal 3 languages and have visited or lived in 80 different countries.