Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Cllr Judith Cunningham a Liberal Democrat was the 2nd Councillor to be evicted this afternoon from "I'm A Councillor Get Me Out of Here!" leaving 4 Councillors in the contest - 3 men and me.

Today I had an interesting online discussion with students at Biddenham School, and was in the middle of being bombarded with questions when I had an urgent call to go into County Hall to chair a Trade Union meeting. I had given my apologies but the TU Chairman was sick, so my attendance was requested. The students were a lively group, as were the John Bunyan students on Monday and I would be proud to be the Youth Champion for Bedford where our school exam results are improving rapidly.

The Mayor of Bedford recently denigrated Bedford Schools yet again, which is demoralising for students and teachers in our 7 Upper Schools. Judging by my visit to John Bunyan School on Monday all our GCSE students have to work very hard to gain their examination successes. They do not need the Mayor belittling their efforts and destroying their often fragile self confidence.

On Thursday I have another online discussion with students at Hastingsbury School - if I am still in the contest by then! Also that day after attending a County Full Council meeting I shall be engaged in Political Speed Dating which will be fun.

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