Thursday, September 25, 2008


The British GP medical service is the envy of the world, cost effective and has served British families well since the the launch of the NHS 60 years ago. In 2006 the Labour Government praised the GP Service, which receives only £64 per patient per annum:
"Doctor consultations in general practice are the most cost effective part of the medical component of the NHS"

However, our excellent Family GP service is under threat as the Labour Government has devised yet another ill conceived scheme to replace family GPs with huge impersonal Polyclinics run by private companies.

My local GP service in Bedford has served me and my family well for over 20 years and I am appalled at the prospect of it disappearing. What about the old adage "If it is not broke, don't fix it?" If you agree with me and do not want to lose your local family GP please visit the Beds and Herts Local Medical Committee website and sign their petition to the Prime Minister:

Another key medical service under threat is the Voluntary Drive Scheme. Volunteers drive elderly and sick patients to hospital appointments and only receive 40p per mile expenses which barely covers their car running costs as petrol prices soar.
If the rate is not increased many volunteer drivers will stop giving up their time to provide this vital community service.

Harriete Baldwin has organised a Cross Party Petition:
"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ask HRMC to raise the rate at which they permit charities to reimburse volunteer drivers from 40p per mile to 50p per mile for their fuel costs"

Plese support Harriet's petition on

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