Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hi everyone - I am back from my holiday and on Sunday went to a 4th Birthday Party for my grandson Oliver, pictured above in the summer. We took 17 children to The Wacky Warehouse, a soft play centre and they all had a wonderful time.

Last week I cruised round 4 Mediterranean countries, visiting the Roman ruins of Ephesus in Turkey, 2 beautiful Greek islands - Santorini and Corfu, historic Dubrovnik in Croatia and Venice and Padua in Italy. The weather was mixed and we had a near monsoon in Venice a week ago. Santorini and Ephesus were overwhelmed by by large crowds of tourists. Everyone travels abroad now and some places cannot cope with large crowds. Apparently Sting had a charity concert at the open air theatre in Ephesus which raised £250,000 but so much damage was done by the large crowds that it then cost £1+ million to repair.

Padua is a charming old University town in Italy, much quieter than Venice where we took a leisurely water bus trip and visited St. Mark's Square late in the day to avoid the crowds.

Unfortunately an insect bit my right hand on the last day and caused an allergic reaction. My hand swelled to twice its normal size. Fortunately I am lefthanded, so I can still write.

Thank you to Val Jones of Riseley for her kind comment:

"Enjoy your holiday Lynne, a much deserved rest, for you must be one of the hardest working Councillors in Bedfordshire! Do you ever stop? Your energetic style and enthusiasm clearly shows in your blog"

While I was away the British Paralympic Team won even more Olympic medals, and their final tally was 100+ medals, including 41 gold. Congratulations to them all.

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