Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today Bryony Shaw became the 1st British woman to win a Windsurfing Olympic medal when she won the Bronze Medal in the RS:X Women's Race. In the Women's Swimming Marathon 10 km, Keri-Anne Payne won the Silver Medal and her team mate Cassie Patten the Bronze Medal. The latest news is that Tasha Danvers has just won an unexpected Bronze Medal in the Women's 400 m Hurdles and achieved a Personal Best time in spite of suffering 2 serious leg injuries earlier in the year. Britain now has 37 medals, including 16 gold medals and remains in 3rd place ahead of Russia and Australia.

Just to remind you of Britain's success in winning 4 Gold Medals yesterday, here is another photograph of the lovely Victoria Pendleton from Bedfordshire who won the Cycling Women's Sprint in 11.1 seconds and is now an Olympic Champion.

Britain still has more gold medal chances. Watch out for Shanaze Reade in the BMX bike event, Philips Idowu in the Men's Triple Jump and Tim Brabants in Kayaking. Also 3 boxers have reached the semi finals, guaranteeing them at least a bronze medal each - David Price super-heavyweight, James Degale middleweight, and Tony Jeffries, aged 23, the light heavyweight boxer who once sold hamburgers from a van. Britain has not won more than one Olympic Boxing medal since Munich 1972.

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