Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Many thanks to 124 people who have voted for me in the Blogging for Bedford Poll for Bedfordshire's Sexiest Politician and put me in 3rd place. The closing date for voting is 21 August

My vote was helped by by John Ball in Beds on Sunday who was amused by my Blog reader Wayne Blythe in Barnsley. Wayne said he would rather have me as his Councillor as I am much better looking than his Labour Councillors in Barnsley!

Maybe you just like my Blog, especially my blogs on the Beijing Olympics. I have never been a sportswoman but I became an Olympic TV addict last week. It is enthralling to watch our superb British cyclists, rowers, sailors, swimmers and athletes achieving Olympic glory. Great Britain is tiny compared with China but we are 3rd out of 204 countries in the medal table with 33 medals. We are punching well above our weight and laying firm foundations for more Olympic successes in London 2012.

In between watching the Olympics I am fulfilling a different role, looking after Emma, my 6 year old granddaughter. Tomorrow we are visiting the Summerfields Miniature Railway, Haynes, which is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year and also plan to visit Wild Britain in Wilden. We local politicians are a versatile lot!

Your comments are always welcome.


Chris Lake said...

Cllr Faulkner, your modesty does you proud. Best of luck in the poll and it's good to see a strong woman in politics, who combines good looks with sound judgement. Moe power to your elbow and keep on blogging. I'm a 'Faulkner Journal' addict!

Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

Wow! Thank you very much.

It is great to get such high praise. I do work hard and aim to make my Blog interesting and topical. Constructive comments are always welcome and you can also email me at lynne.faulkner@bedscc.gov.uk.