Sunday, June 29, 2008

A6 Elstow Roundabout No Right Turn Campaign

The planned Wixams Development of 4,500 new houses led to the A6 being diverted, and the new dual carriageway reopened recently. In my first blog you see a photograph of me with Tom Wotton, County Council Cabinet Member for Highways, who officially opened the new A6 road.

When the new A6 Elstow roundabout was planned the previous 'No Right Turn' sign would have disappeared. Villagers were very concerned that A6 commuters would use Elstow as a short cut to Bedford and it became a major campaign issue in the May 2007 local elections.
My political opponents created a lot of hot air and local media coverage, with no result.
I am a Councillor who prefers to seek solutions to problems rather than just scaremongering.
Therefore I persuaded the County Council to instal four large 'Access Only' signs so that the only traffic turning right at the new roundabout should now be vehicles heading for Elstow village.
These new signs have been so successful that some Elstow residents have contacted me to ask why they cannot now turn right at the roundabout - they had not read the sign properly.

Above is a photograph of me on the day of the official opening with Tom Wootton, Basil Jackson, Assistant Director of Highways, and Sam Clark, Elstow Parish Council Chairman, celebrating the successful conclusion to this project and the opening of the new A6 road.
Festival of Older People
Bedfordshire County Council aims to provide support for an increasingly large population of older people. Come and join us for the Festival of Older People on Wednesday 2 July from 10am to 3.30pm at the Corn Exchange, Bedford. Activities include music, dance, prize draws, free refreshments and informations on everything from health to welfare benefits.
Bedford Borough Council, Age Concern and the Bedford Guild House are also involved in the event. What are you waiting for?
Henley by Election
Turning to National issues - what a fantastic victory for Conservatives in Henley last Thursday! Gordon Brown must have been very unhappy when he learned that his Labour candidate came 5th and lost his deposit. Not only that - he polled 1066 votes. 1066 is a highly significant date as it was the last time we were invaded and defeated by William the Conqueror - enough said?
The traged of Zimbabwe goes on. Today I was very upset to see a horrifying photograph in the Sunday Times of a small baby whose legs were broken by Robert Mugabe's ZANUPF thugs simply because they could not track down his MDC Councillor father.
Zimbabwe is a lovely country with the friendliest of people. My uncle lived there for 33 years and I visited the country as a child. It is terrible to watch the Zimbabweans being starved and intimidated by their own Leader. Whatever problems we have in this country, at least we all enjoy freedom of speech and can express our political views free of intimidation. We also enjoy a genuine democracy and a free choice of candidates at every election.
Have a good week.

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