Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Cabinet Office Minister Tom Watson

Yesterday I was told that Gordon Brown had apologised personally to David Cameron, George Osborne and Nadine Dorries for slanderous lies emailed by Damian McBride, a Civil Servant in Brown's personal office at No. 10 Downing Street. Now I understand that he merely expressed 'regret'. I should have known better.

Gordon Brown never apologises for anything but boy does he have a lot to answer for! He sold off our gold reserves, sabotaged the pensions industry and squandered the Conservative legacy of a strong economy over the past 12 years - and is now the self appointed 'saviour of the global economy'/ Naturally this is challenged by Nicholas Sarkozy, President of France, and the frugal Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

Now the Prime Minister is trying to protect Tom Watson MP, Cabinet Office Miister and his close personal advisers who sat in the same office as Damian McBride and should have known about McBride's slanderous emails. Watson writes a left wing Blog which tried to blacken the names of leading Conservatives and Paul Staines, the Guido Fawkes Blogger, who exposed the left wing bias of the Smith Institute. Not surprisingly Tom Watson is now trying to distance himself from McBride and Derek Draper to save his own skin, to say nothing of Gordon Brown who is in charge.

Benjamin Snow sent me this comment in response to yesterday's blog;
"Lynne, the sooner this government is thrown out the better. They are lower than low. They are an insult to our country and deserve to be unreservedly rejected from office at the next General Election. Our Country needs a new Government desperately!"

Hear, hear! June 2010 cannot come soon enough for me, and I can only do my little bit in June 2009 by winning my modest Unitary Council Election.

Today Frank Field, one of the most highly respected and upright Labout MPs in the House of Commons broke ranks to attack Gordon Brown's style of government and the email scandal which is damaging the Labour Party. Gordon Brown could easily have defused the situation with a simple heartfelt apology but 'sorry' is not in his vocabulary. By contrast David Cameron was dignified and impressive on TV News and looks more and more like a future Prime Minister.

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