Friday, April 17, 2009


Wilstead has two churches - All Saint's, the Parish Church, and Wilstead Methodist Church. Recently I gave grants from my Community Leader's Fund to both churches, and above is a photograph of Wilstead Parish Church and me presenting 2 wooden collecting bowls to the Vicar, Stephen Toze and the Church Warden Robert Heeley during one of their services. They were also able to buy some audio equipment and CDs for use in the services. The beautiful wooden collecting bowls were carved by Wilstead resident Ray Terry,a gifted wood turner who makes wonderful wooden items for the regular Wilstead Arts & Crafts Exhibitions.

This evening I took my two lovely daughters Sarah and Helen out for a birthday treat to Milton Keynes Theatre to see an excellent performance of Cabaret, starring Wayne Sleep and Samantha Barks, with a haunting final scene depicting the looming menace of Nazism in Germany in 1931. Beforehand we enjoyed a good dinner at the Taipan Chienese Restaurant and afterwards we headed home in three different directions - Sarah to her family in Watford and Helen to the Midlands.

Tomorrow I will have my photograph taken in Bedford Park along with all the other Conservative Bedford Unitary Coucil candidates for the Election on Thursday 4 June.

Enjoy your weekend.

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