Monday, February 16, 2009


Last Monday I had to have my elderly female tabby cat, Spice aged 17+ years, put to sleep as she had developed kidney disease. In my sadness I was cheered up by some comical photographs of cats sleeping in strange places sent to me by a friend. Cats have an amazing ability to find cosy if eccentric places to sleep.

On Thursday we had our penultimate County Council meeting, duly reported in Beds on Sunday - I got a mention this time! Then I headed north in a flurry of snow to Staffordshire to look after 2 lively small grandchildren, Jessica, 6 and Oliver, 4 for three days, while their recently divorced mother Helen had a well earned Valentine's weekend off with her lovely new man. I was once a divorced working mother with sole responsibility for 2 young daughters after my husband went off with a younger single woman and it is hard coping 24/7 alone with two young children.

We had a flurry of nursery, swimming lessons, ballet, a visit to a Wacky Warehouse for indoor soft play, visits to the shops, walks, roller skating, Play doh, reading stories, pancake making etc. By Sunday evening I was totally exhausted. Thank goodness I am only a grandmother and not a young Mum as bringing up young children demands total commmitment, unselfishness and lots of energy.

That American single mother who chose to have 6 IVF children without a father in sight and has now produced IVF octuplets is totally selfish and irresponsible. As for the 13 year old English boy who has fathered a baby and those women who want to have babies at 60 years plus - words fail me!

Today after an early morning swim I have been sitting on a complex 3 day race discrimination employment tribunal case in Bedford - very taxing mentally but in a different way from childminding. Tonight I put up posters in Elstow village for my Advice Surgery next Saturday morning and for the Concert we are having at Elstow Abbey on the evening on Saturday 28 February at 7pm - the Luton Male Voice Choir which should be fantastic.

Finally, tonight I had to deal with all my emails and write the Foreword to the 2008/9 Annual Report of the Borough Council Corporate & Resource Committee which I chair.


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