Thursday, November 13, 2008


This evening I visited Wilstead Brownies to watch 7 new Brownies making their pledges, watched by their proud parents. I also presented the Brownies with a cheque to pay for their new CD Player. This will provide music for Brownie dance and singing badge tests and Karaoke evenings. The money has come from my County Council Community Leaders' Fund, which I will be distributing to 12 voluntary organisations in Elstow and Wilstead over the next few weeks.

The Wilstead Brownies have 30 members with several adult volunteer helpers and young girls can join the Brownies at age 7. Many years ago I was a Brownie and a Girl Guide, and both organisations provide a huge range of activities for young girls and the chance to earn a variety of badges in areas such as First Aid, Sports and Cooking. My own granddaughters Emma and Jessica, aged 6, are enthusiastic Rainbows but will have to wait a bit longer to join the Brownies.

My Community Leaders Fund has provided a range of benefits for the local community. In 2007 a new mower was bought for the P3 Walking Group who maintain Wilstead's footpaths and 11 pond dipping kits were given to Wilstead Lower School. New audio equipment was given to Wilstead's excellent amateur dramatic group, the Wilstead Players and a new printer was bought for the Neighbourhood Watch Group who produce a monthly village newsletter for every household in Wilstead.

In Elstow I gave a grant to Elstow Lower School for their long awaited Playground Marking Project, providing a new shooter and special outdoor games marking, including Hopscotch, for the school playground to encourage their 280 children to be more active and creative in their outdoor play activities.

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