Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hi folks.
I am just back from my short family holiday in Tenerife and today we learn the fantastic news that Barack Obama is to be the next US President.

I have been an Obama supporter for a long time, not because he is black (and white!)but because he is a highly intelligent, thoughful, inspirational and charismatic leader who will bring change to America and build bridges with the rest of the world with his international background and outlook. He already has an 80% approval rating in Northern Europe, and huge support in Africa, partly due to his Kenyan father and I believe he will transform America's attitude to foreign policy which is crucial if we are ever to achieve world peace.

Obama's acceptance speech brought back memories of John Kennedy who I remember well and his modesty was very noticeable - Obama gave full credit for his victory to the American people, which he said was of the people, for the people and by the people.

I fully endorse the comments made by David Cameron, our Conservative Leader who will be Britain's next Prime Minister:

"In electing Barack Obama, America has made history and proved to the world that it is a nation eager for change. This has been an exciting and inspirational contest with two great candidates. In these difficult times people everywhere are crying out for change. Barack Obama is the first of a new generation of leaders who will deliver it - he has my whole-hearted congratulations. This is an important moment not just for America but for the world. Barack Obama's victory will give people a new opportunity to look at the United States and see her for what I believe she is - a beacon of opportunity, freedom and democracy"


Samuel Roberts said...

Considering you remember JFK, you look great for your age! I wouldn't have put you past mid-40s.

Are you currently attached?Sorry for being so forward.

Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

Hi Samuel

Thanks for the lovely compliment. I am Bedford's Youth Champion and have a mental age of about 25! After all age is only a number. It is your attitude which matters.

I am divorced and unattached and open to offers... Why not email me at