Saturday, November 22, 2008


Tonight I am in for a musical treat. Bedford Choral Society are performing King Olaf by Edward Elgar with the Bedfordshire Symphony Orchestra at the Corn Exchange and I have been invited in my capacity as Vice Chairman of Bedfordshire County Council. The standard of music in Bedford is extremely high, so it will be good.

Today I organised an Autumn Lunch for 28 members and friends of Bedfordshire Branch of the European Union of Women, which I chair. Our Speaker, Jacek Gajewski, EU Counsellor at the Polish Embassy in London, gave us an insight into Poland's development before and since joining the European Union. We enjoyed an delicious lunch of guinea fowl or trout and raspberry brulee at the Hunt Hotel, Linslade, which provides a first class customer service.

The European Union of Women was founded in 1953 by Dr Lola Solar, an Austrian MP to stimulate an interest in European affairs and enable women to make a contribution to international understanding. The EUW has sections in 21 European countries including the UK.

On Thursday/Friday I attended an interesting new Conference at the Business Design Centre, London on Public Services Innovation - sharing bright ideas to improve people's lives. We had inspirational talks from Charlie Leadbeater, a top corporate thinker, Paul Sloane, ex IBM Managing Director and author of 18 books on creative problem solving, Sir Michael Bichard, Director, Institute for Government and Jonathan Kestenbaum, Chief Executive of NESTA, a £350 million body which fosters innovation in science, technology and the arts. Lots of ideas were generated on how to maintain high quality of public services when finances are increasingly tight.


Eric Devan said...

Cllr Faulkner, as you are such a fan of musical concerts, will you be attending the legacy concert for the County Council, as widely reported in the local media?

I have just moved to Bedford and can't believe that my taxes are being wasted in this way, by a so called Conservative run Council. Frankly it is a disgrace.

I would strongly urge you to do like my Councillor, John Mingay and boycott this event too.

Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

Eric - do not believe everything you read in the local media.

Yes I will attend the Legacy Concert because I am Vice Chairman of Bedfordshire Music which is one of the best County Music Services in the UK. The musicians will be school students who will perform free of charge.

Most of the 'legacy' money is being spent on planting trees in Marston Moreteyne, to provide a 'green lung' in a barren area of Bedfordshire.

Elaine Philips said...

I agree with Eric, as one of your voters (I live in Wilstead) I believe that like John Mingay, you should also boycott the concert.

Who are you kidding, there is not a penny of taxpayers money being spent to host this legacy concert?

The residents of Wilstead expect better of you...

Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

Elaine The schoolchildren in Bedfordshire Music's orchestras play in several concerts a year and the Legacy Concert will be a final chance for them to display their musical talents. If your child was playing, how would you feel if the concert was boycotted?

Elaine Philips said...

Your missing the point Cllr Faulkner - and your dodging the questions!

Why is the County Council wasting so much money when there are businesses closing down every day right across the Bedfordshire area, would you not agree the money could be spent alot better?

I mean, come on how much did that rug cost?

As for my Children, they were due to perfom at the concert; however, my husband and I have decided that they should not play as a matter of principle.

I hope you too will be boycotting the concert and all of the other legacy events planned.

Yours elaine

'resident who lives within your ward'

Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

Elaine - I did not dodge the question but gave a straight answer to Eric Devan and you.

Yes I will attend the Bedfordshire Music Legacy Concert and support
our fine young musicians playing
at their final concert as a Bedfordshire Countywide service.

Many of the 60 countywide services including Bedfordshire Music face 'disaggregation' to smaller units under the 2 Unitary Councils if agreement is not reached on sharing services.