Friday, October 10, 2008


My apologies for not giving you an update earlier this week, but I have been out every night and busy all day. Technically I am a pensioner but have 3 part time jobs and various voluntary activities, eg school governor which sometimes all clash!

Monday/Tuesday I had a 2-day employment tribunal, Tuesday I had a breakfast HR meeting at Elstow Lower School before the tribunal and in the evening Elstow Parish Council meeting. On Wednesday I had to chair the County Council Children's Services Committee in the absence of the Chairman. After lunch I dashed to my dentist in Lethcworth 20 miles away for an emergency repair of a tooth broken on a sweet. Then I went to an evening Borough Council Full Council meeting, where I made a speech on an Olympic Games/free swimming motion. Thursday I had a new hair cut and went to more meetings and answered dozens of emails.

I'm A Councillor ... Get Me Out of Here update
Somehow I have managed to answer 63 on line questions from Upper School students in 4days - more than any of the other 5 Councillors in the Contest. The questions were on a wide range of topics including crime, buses, recycling, social facilities for young people, drugs, local politics and what did I do when I was a child!

I did manage to squeeze in a Monday evening theatre visit to see a fantastic performance of "Evita" at Milton Keynes and a Mid Beds Conservative Conservative Dinner last night, hosted by Nadine Dorries our MP, with an excellent speech from Greg Hand MP for Hammersmith/Fulham.

Today I have been to 2 County Council meetings, one for Bedfordshire Music. On Saturday morning I will conduct my regular surgery in Elstow before heading north to the Midlands to babysit my 2 small grandchildren.

Never a dull moment!

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