Sunday, October 12, 2008



I have just been interviewed by Stephen Rhodes on BBC 3 Counties Radio for 8 minutes - a long time by radio standards. The interview was about Local Democracy Week and I'm A Councillor Get Me Out of Here! and went out live at 6.20am - a bit early for most people - and was repeated later in the morning.

Stephen Rhodes has a reputation as a tough interviewer but he allowed me free rein because I knew my subject well. Steve asked me about the contest and local politics and I mentioned my John Bunyan Upper School visit three times in the interview.

Today I am going back to school on "Take Your Councillor to School" day and will be shadowing a student at 4 lessons at John Bunyan Upper School - Maths, ICT, Science and PSHE - Personal,Social and Health Education. Last week Toby Reid, Head of Humanties had a Citizenship Class in PSHE. Toby and his students asked me several questions online. I have had 80 questions from the nine Bedford Borough Schools involved in Im A Councillor Get Me Out of Here - more than any other candidate.

Today the first Councillor will be voted off. I aim to survive and become Bedford's 2008 Youth Champion. I am the only "twinhatted" candidate out of the 6 Councillors, ie I am both a County and Borough Councillor and the only one who is taking part in the school vists and the Political Speed Dating on Thursday.

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