Saturday, August 23, 2008


James Degale, 23, has just won Britain's 19th Gold Medal in the Men's Middleweight Boxing Finals. James was the 40-1 outsider and is the 1st British boxer to win a gold medal since 1968. Tim Brabants added to his Gold Medal success by winning a Bronze Medal in the Men's Canoe/Kayak 500m.

Sarah Stevenson won a Bronze Medal in Taekwondo, Britain's 1st ever Olympic medal in this sport by defeating an Egyptian in the semi-final. Sadly she was defeated by a Mexican in the final. Lisa Dobriskey came 4th in the Women's 5000 metres, just missing a medal in her first Olympic Games. Britain's only remaining chance of a medal rests with 14 year old Tom Daley in the Diving Finals tomorrow morning.

Predictably Britain has slipped back to 4th place behind Russia, but has achieved an amazing total of 47 medals including 19 gold and is still the leading small nation.

Emma, my 6 year old granddaughter has just acquired 2 female guinea pigs, named Victoria (after Victoria Pendleton our Bedfordshire Olympic Cycling Sprint Champion)and Rebecca(after Rebecca Romero, also an Olympic Cycling Champion).

This afternoon I am off to spend the rest of the August Bank Holiday with my daughter Helen and 2 grandchildren Jessica, 5 and Oliver, 3, so I am taking a few days off. Will be back on line next week.


Thomas K. Smyth said...

I must say Lynda, your blog is a very interesting read, especially,your updates on the Olympics. Do you play much sport yourself?

Unfortunately I was unable to vote for you in the Ian Dale blog awards as I missed the deadline, however I did vote for you in the sexy awards on another blog - do you look as good in real life as you do on your blog photo?

Having looked at other blogs from people in the Bedfordshire area, your blog gets top marks.

Anyway, why was Mayor F.Branston not in the listed on Ian Dale's blog awards?

Cllr Lynne Faulkner said...

Thanks for your kind remarks, but please remember that my name is
LYNNE - I hate the name Lynda.

No I am not sporty - just a daily walk and some swimming but I come from a very sporty naval family.

Life is gloomy at present with the credit crunch, a wet August and the Georgian War so the Olympics cheered us all up. Also our young Olympians are very modest compared to those spoilt footballers.

Yes the photograph is genuine!